the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic
the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic
the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic
the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic
the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic
the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic
the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic

the2MicPRO™ + TourMic Wireless™ Dual Soundhole Mic

Model: DS | TourMic
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Due to catastrophic losses from the Dixie fire, 2Mic products are temporarily unavailable.

"…a brilliant solution in stealth amplification." - Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

The2MicPRO™ + TourMic™
New! for classical & flamenco guitars

What it does:

the2MicPRO™ + TourMic™ is the realization of a dream for classical and flamenco guitarists to have a discreet on-board amplification system that reproduces the highest sound quality, without feedback, and calls for no modification to the instrument. Simply stated, the2MicPRO™:
  1. is the most accurate and natural sounding microphone for performance or recording of classical & flamenco guitars
  2. requires no modifications to the guitar for installation and can be used with valuable and historic instruments
  3. does not feedback at high volumes in concert settings (even when a guitarist is playing with an orchestra)
  4. does not require plugs or cables to operate during a performance (a guitarist is free to move and play naturally as if there no amplification taking place)
  5. is virtually invisible from the view of the audience during performances
  6. includes back-up components to use a cable (supplied) to connect to a mixer in a recording studio (or any venue where the wireless is not needed)
  7. is hand crafted in the USA under the supervision of legendary luthier & inventor, Ken Donnell


the2MicPRO™ is the newest quick mount model 2Mic, but with many improvements over the original the2Mic™ including:
  1. 1/4" mono output terminated at the heel of the neck
  2. can be left installed on the guitar indefinitely
  3. can left installed on a guitar while the guitar is placed in it’s case for transport (especially important for touring musicians)
  4. longer gooseneck than the2Mic™ (original) which permits using mic placement to "fine tune" the sound equalization for the guitar, and address possible wolf tone issues.
  5. includes a studio quality cable with a unique anti-boom 90° plug which prevents extreme noise if unplugged while the signal is "hot".
  6. compatible with TourMic wireless products

What is included with the2MicPRO™ + TourMic™

  1. A new gooseneck design where 2 mics will be located inside the guitar after installation
  2. EPS-2 Power Supply – the recommend power supply to use, producing a modern, balanced mic level output signal operating via 9-48v phantom power
  3. Velcro attachments for stabilizing the2Mic gooseneck at the heelcap of the guitar
  4. A rugged plastic carry case with an interior designed for safe storage and transport
  5. a state of the art Samson ATX wireless system custom manufactured to work perfectly with the2MicPRO™ and to solve every amplification issue for live performance with classical & flamenco guitarists

Special Features

Volume control and mute button conveniently located on the wireless bug. The mute button allows a guitarist to do the following:
  1. enter the stage with the guitar muted
  2. bow, and once seated, push on the center button of the transmitter to un-mute and turn the TourMic Wireless™ “on”
  3. begin to play without the audience being aware that the guitar is amplified


After a bit of practice, installation of the2MicPRO + TourMic™ should take seconds. Clear instructions are included with the product manual provided.

Microphone Specifications:

  1. Element: Electret Condenser
  2. Frequency Response: 50 - 16K Hz
  3. Pattern: Cardiod Uni-Directional
  4. Output: 500 ohm balanced (XLR)
  5. Sensitivity: -45 dB
  6. Max SPL: 131 dB

Read the article on Repetitive Motion Injuries and how the2Mic helps alleviate this.

Manufactured by


  • Model: DS | TourMic
  • Manufactured by: the2Mic™
  • Condition: New

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