Ukulele Chord Chart

Ukulele Chord Chart

Model: 14181 / 42316 UPC: 038081470146 ISBN: 1470610116
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Author: Ron Manus, L. C. Harnsberger, and Nathaniel Gunod
Instrumentation: Ukulele
Format: Chart

This convenient chord chart lists all the basic ukulele chords in every key. All chords are clearly shown using chord frames that indicate frets, fingerings, and the note names in every chord. Major, minor, seventh, diminished, augmented, major 6th, minor 6th, and 9th chords are given. A chord accompaniment guide is included that shows the three principal chords, the relative minor chords, and alternate chords for each key.


  • Model: 14181 / 42316
  • Manufactured by: Alfred
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 038081470146
  • ISBN: 1470610116
Ukulele Chord Chart