Worth Ukulele Strings

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Worth Ukulele Strings

You're probably familiar with Worth Ukulele Strings if you've been a ukulele player for a while. These Worth Ukulele Strings are classified by two lengths - 46 and 63 inches - which is the total strings length. Some players prefer BL for their tenor ukuleles, while on the other hand, players choose CF for their soprano or concert ukuleles. The longer the instrument, the higher the tension will be with the same string set. For starters, you can try the BT or CT, depending on your tone choice. From there if you want a higher tension, try CH. If you want a lighter touch, try CM. Experimenting with your Worth Ukulele Strings is the only way to find what is right for your exact preference.

Ukuleles are divided according to their size. There are four main classifications: Soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. This chart should help you determine the correct Worth Ukulele Strings for your instrument.

  • The soprano ukulele is the smallest size of ukulele and is the classic size.
  • The concert ukulele is the next up in size with a length of around 23 inches.
  • Tenor ukuleles are larger still. Their greater size gives the fingers plenty of room for ukulele pyrotechnics.
  • The baritone ukulele is much larger than the other sizes and is tuned differently, same as the top four strings of a guitar.

Type Scale length Total length Tuning
Soprano or standard 13" (33 cm) 21" (53 cm) A4-D4-F#4-B4 or G4-C4-E4-A4
Concert 15" (38 cm) 23" (58 cm) G4-C4-E4-A4, or G3-C4-E4-A4
Tenor 17" (43 cm) 26" (66 cm) G3-C4-E4-A4, G4-C4-E4-A4 , or D4-G3-B3-E4
Baritone 19" (48 cm) 30" (76 cm) D3-G3-B3-E4
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