Valsa Brilhante - GSP80

Valsa Brilhante - GSP80

Model: 12374 / GSP80
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Composer: Paulo Bellinati
12 Pages
Valsa Brilhante is a concert solo piece recorded by Paulo Bellinati on his CDs "Guitares du Brasil" (GHA-1991) and "Serenata" (GSP-1993).

The composer also wrote a two guitars version and a jazz ensemble version (guitar, piano, flute, bass and drums) of this piece.

Paulo Bellinati recorded the ensemble version in 1989 together with Pau Brasil group on the CD "La vem a tribo" (GHA-1990).

"It belongs in the lineage of the great waltzes of Barrios." - Les Cahiers de la Guitare

"There is not a precise melodic 'tune' here, the whole event hangs together very well without projecting an obvious thematic line so to speak. In the centre, this is a stong element of the Ponce Meridional, not in the copying sense but in the harmony, the pedal and so on, a good piece of writing and Bellinati's repeated section really does work: as I played it at sight the first time, I instinctively wanted to play/hear it once more, so that must say something. Bellinati has ears for a good sound-mood and he keeps in style very well, nothing in fact seems badly done at all. The print and fingering is excellent as per usual GSP work and it could, in the right hands, easily end half of a concert." - Neil Smith, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Bellinati shows rare skill as a composer in writing a work based on light fare, but incorporating the development and variety to create something of much greater content. I predict it will get lots of exposure and find its way into the repertoires of those who enjoy South American music." - Garth Baxter, Soundboard Magazine

"Proof of a great mastery of the musical language. &a happy marriage of folkloric Brazilian tradition and very refined classical style." - Les Cahiers de la Guitare


  • Model: 12374 / GSP80
  • Manufactured by: GSP
  • Condition: New
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