Wallace | Funf Kleine Stucke for solo guitar

Wallace | Funf Kleine Stucke for solo guitar

Model: Funf Kleine Stucke - DL
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Funf Kleine Stucke
by Frank A. Wallace
five studies for solo guitar in medieval style

Duration: 9 minutes; 6 pages
Difficulty level: Moderate – studies focus on: scales with slurs: im chords across all strings; classic melody and accompaniment
Fünf Kleine Stücke was written for Dr. Daniel Pewsner in thanks for many favors and good friendship. My new found love of Switzerland and its many graces and lovely medieval towns, such as Basel, Bern and Solothurn, contributed to my passion to create these five short studies.

I. Sequenz I
II. Basel, 1298
III. Lindenberg, 2017
IV. Durch den Rhein
V. Sequenz II

My wife Nancy and I were on vacation in Basel, Switzerland and I had borrowed a beautiful guitar belonging to Dani. It, and the gorgeous 14th and 15th century surroundings, inspired me to do more more than a little technique maintenance while trying to relax (not my forte!). The five works are conceived as studies, tone poems they might be called. The prime purpose of any study is to achieve the maximum resonance of the guitar with beautiful tone in any technical circumstance. So studies takes a particular pattern and repeat it a bit more than normal. The several problems presented here are, firstly, scales with slurs, thus the two "Sequenz," or sequences, that are inspired by the medieval extended form of chant. They feature long scales with slurs that need to be incorporated into the flow, or pattern, with strength, clarity and fluidity. Secondly, Basel, 1298 and the following Lindenberg, 2017 (the street on which these works were composed) focus on im chords, two note intervals, that span all six strings. The right wrist must be fluid and accommodate all strings so that the tone remains consistent (though variable as dictated by musical demands or inspiration). And the third major focus is simply melody and accompaniment, though in #4, Durch den Rhein, the melody constantly shifts between bass and soprano.

All Frank A. Wallace compositions are ASCAP
Copyright ©2017 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.


  • Model: Funf Kleine Stucke - DL
  • Manufactured by: Gyre (wallace)
  • Condition: New

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