Wallace | Harlequin in Love for solo guitar

Wallace | Harlequin in Love for solo guitar

Model: Harlequin in Love - DL
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Harlequin in Love
by Frank A. Wallace
Five character pieces for solo guitar reflecting on the wise fool in us all

Duration: 12 minutes; 10 pages
Difficulty level: Moderate

Harlequin in Love is a collection of five pieces in E. Written at separate times, the pieces came together in performance and seemed to tell a story. That story line and thus the titles emerged from the pieces themselves. I have played the fool in a staged commedia del arte performance called The Lost Spindle. Perhaps I have played it in real life as well, I'll let my friends and family determine that - but haven't we all!

I. He Fools
II. He Pines
III. He Loves
IV. On the Sol, in Mi
V. He Flees

On the Sol, in Mi is a pun referring to the G-string of the guitar, on which most of the melody is played, and the song is in the key of E Major. He Pines involves a long section of a left hand alone ostinato with melodies in harmonics or pressing the frets with the i finger of the right hand while plucking with the a finger.

All Frank A. Wallace compositions are ASCAP
Copyright ©2001 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.


  • Model: Harlequin in Love - DL
  • Manufactured by: Gyre (wallace)
  • Condition: New

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