Wallace | Sketches Book I for solo guitar

Wallace | Sketches Book I for solo guitar

Model: Sketches Book I - DL
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Sketches Book I
by Frank A. Wallace
Duration: 30 minutes; 21 pages

In the author's own words:

Sketches I is thirty short etudes of easy to moderate difficulty for classical guitar. My goal in writing them is threefold: to offer musically compelling works to the pedagogy of very young players; to make evocative, colorful additions to more rigorous progressive exercises, etudes and pieces for advanced students; and to contribute short new works to the concert repertoire that are inevitable crowd pleasers with their grace and sense of fun."

"These etudes support fundamentals of technique and beautiful tone. Work on rest stroke, free stroke, arpeggio and two-part playing progresses alongside purely musical concepts such as legato shifts, accents, vibrato, rest stroke with thumb, laissez vibrer and sympathetic vibration. When the musical work is satisfying but not technically demanding, portamento, expressive dynamics and tempo variation emerge naturally with lyrical artistry. In fact, it is my experience as a singer that influences these collections as much as anything. It is my intention in these works to catch an inspiration, a breath, a character and create a beautiful moment for my students and friends to enjoy. What more can we do—why not teach beautiful creative playing from the beginning?"

All Frank Wallace compositions are ASCAP
Gyre Publications
Copyright ©1997 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.

Thumb Songs from Sketches I by Frank A. Wallace

Thumb Songs tutorial


  • Model: Sketches Book I - DL
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