Wallace | Sketches Book II for solo guitar

Wallace | Sketches Book II for solo guitar

Model: Sketches Book II - DL
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Sketches Book II
by Frank A. Wallace
Duration: 40 minutes; 32 pages

In the author's own words:

Sketches II expands on the musical concepts introduced in the first volume by adding more technical and musical challenges—slurs, faster rhythms, extended pizzicato sections, ⅞ meter, etc. The emphasis is on learning short distinctive sections that are then woven together into a larger work, or suite. Rather than learning separate stand-alone etudes, character changes are pitted against each other and provide a deeper sense of musical form. These pieces are appropriate for advancing students looking for something new and fulfilling, full of color and challenge, and excellent for recitals.

Expressive playing requires special techniques that are learnable. Read the notes and refer to my notes in Sketches I. And please, experiment wildly with tempos, dynamics, colors, vibrato, portamento, etc. to discover what story you want to tell through this music. Commentary on each suite is at the end of the book.

I. Garcia Lorca’s Riddle
  1. Seis Doncellas Bailan 0:43
  2. Suenos de Ayer 0:38
  3. Doncellas Abrazadas 0:46
  4. Redonda 0:55 — exploring Spanish style harmonies and textures.
II. Friend of the Sand Winds
  5. The Tower 0:37
  6. Angel on the Road 0:53
  7. A Silence 1:28
  8. Sand Winds 1:35 — simple melody; fast ⅞ rhythms and simple shifting chords.
III. Orientale five continuous sections with ostinato basses, pizzicato, and strumming
IV. May Day Suite; four movements in a classical style
V. Single String Etudes II six pieces exploiting the melodic possibilities of shifting up and down one string while accompaniments are played on others; teaches shifting without complicated chords
VI. Good Winds for Dionisio Original theme and 11 variations, a homage to Aguado in classical style. Starts very easy and gets progressively more advanced with tremolo section, repeated im chords, fast arpeggios, etc.

All Frank Wallace compositions are ASCAP
Gyre Publications
Copyright ©2004 Frank A. Wallace
Cover photography and design by Nancy Knowles
All rights reserved.


  • Model: Sketches Book II - DL
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