Windham Hill Guitar Sampler, 18 Transcriptions Book

Windham Hill Guitar Sampler, 18 Transcriptions Book

Model: 5776 / HL00694888 UPC: 0073999948882 ISBN: 9780793524884
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A collection of 18 modern guitar works from the top artists on the Windham Hill record label, including W. Ackerman, Alex DeGrassi, David Cullen, Eric Tingstad, Edward Gerhard, Andrew York and more. Includes performance notes and small description about the artists.

Songs Include:
• A Momentary Change Of Heart, Alex De Grassi
• Andecy, Andrew York
• Anne's Song, Will Ackerman
• Blue Ridge, Bruce Becvar
• Charlotte, Alex De Grassi
• Dolphins, Mike Marshall
• A Region Of Clouds, Will Ackerman
• On The Way, David Cullen
• Pavane, Steve Erquiaga
• Processional, Will Ackerman
• Seattle, Will Ackerman
• The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter, Will Ackerman
• The Emperor's Choice, Chris Proctor
• The Handing Down, Edward Gerhard
• The Prelude From The Bridal Suite, Eric Tingstad
• Thirty-six, Alex De Grassi
• White Rain, Alex De Grassi
• Window, Alex De Grassi


  • Model: 5776 / HL00694888
  • Manufactured by: Hal Leonard
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 0073999948882
  • ISBN: 9780793524884

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Windham Hill Guitar Sampler, 18 Transcriptions Book