Wireless Upgrade for the2MicPRO™
Wireless Upgrade for the2MicPRO™

Wireless Upgrade for the2MicPRO™

Model: DS | WirelessUpgrade
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Due to catastrophic losses from the Dixie fire, 2Mic products are temporarily unavailable. Already own the2MicPRO? Upgrade and go wireless!

What is included with the2MicPRO wireless upgrade:

  • A state of the art Samson ATX wireless system custom manufactured to work perfectly with the2MicPRO™ and to solve every amplification issue for live performance with classical & flamenco guitarists
  • A high quality practical cloth shoulder bag for the wireless system designed to also contain the 2MicPro unit in its hard plastic case.
Volume control and mute button conveniently located on the wireless bug. The mute button allows a guitarist to do the following:
  • Enter the stage with the guitar muted
  • Bow, and once seated, push on the center button of the transmitter to un-mute and turn the TourMic Wireless™ “on”
  • Begin to play without the audience being aware that the guitar is amplified


  • Model: DS | WirelessUpgrade
  • Manufactured by: the2Mic™
  • Condition: New
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