Woodside Guitars GS3-LEV Guitar Support, Lever Adjustment

Woodside Guitars GS3-LEV Guitar Support, Lever Adjustment

Model: F- WS-GS3-LEV
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Woodside Guitars GS3-LEV Guitar Support, Lever Adjustment

Introducing an update to the popular Woodside Guitars brand Guitar Support - The GS3. The GS3 incorporates feedback from GS1 and GS2 users to refine a few things, but the same great features of the original remain unchanged. Designed by two former Apple Computer product designers, the creators combined their love for classical guitar, and more than 30 years' combined experience playing guitars, to develop the last word in classical guitar supports.

Cradle Gripping System

Woodside Guitars researched all the systems out there and concluded that gripping the instrument where it's strongest, where the back and soundboard meet the sides, is the most secure and imparting essentially no impact on the sound of the instrument.

Pivoting Grippers - a patent pending design allows the grippers to confirm to the shape of your guitar, and align so as to provide equal gripping force to all 4 contact points. This means your instrument is securely held - no matter what - and with less force needed compared to previously available products.

Height Adjustment & Pivoting Action

The GS-3 will freely pivot to allow instrument movement that comes naturally with changes in the players body positioning. This is much less rigid feeling compared with that imparted by competing brands of guitar supports. If desired, resistance to pivoting (or rotation) can be increased or even eliminated. Height is adjusted easily by loosening the thumb screw and resetting the extension to the ideal height.

For a greater range of angular adjustment between the Cradle (the portion that clamps the instrument) and the Support Pillar, we recommend purchasing the AB-1 Angle Block Accessory Kit. Also available is an Extension Kit. This guitar support is available as a SCREW version instead of lever.

New and Improved Features:
- The Ball & Socket allows for greater range of positioning. The locking "Retaining Cup" now offers improved shape for more comfortable grip. - A broader, more ergonomically designed leg rest.


  • Clamping Width Range: 79 – 113 mm
  • Height Range (Upper part of leg rest to instrument resting position): 90 – 178 mm
  • Angle Range – 13 Degrees (Ball & Socket) in all directions (base has 14 Degree bias/offset
  • Weight: 182 g
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum, brass, stainless steel
  • Folded Size (for stowage; e.g. in guitar case): 130 mm x 100 mm x 59 mm (high)

Download a PDF of the GS3 Frequently Asked Questions.

Download a PDF of the GS2 Preparation Manual.


  • Model: F- WS-GS3-LEV
  • Manufactured by: Woodside Guitars
  • Condition: New

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