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Guitars International is one of the most highly respected dealers of fine classical and flamenco guitars in the world. Here Armin Kelly offers a wide selection of exceptional guitars by: Simon Ambridge, Kevin Aram, Enrico Bottelli, Geza Burghardt, Gregory Byers, Daniele Chiesa, Joshia de Jonge, Christopher Dean, Jeffrey R. Elliott, Olivier Fanton d’Andon, Paul Fischer, Thomas Fredholm, Achim Peter Gropius, Bernhard Kresse, Antonio Marin, Paco Santiago Marin, Robert and Orville Milburn, Eric Monrad, Kolya Panhuyzen, Robert Ruck, Gary Southwell, Andrea Tacchi, German Vazquez Rubio, Manuel and Alfredo Velazquez, Gernot Wagner, Luca Waldner and Woodley White.
Jeffrey Elliott: One of the premier master luthiers in the world today. The outstanding tone, look, and feel of Jeffrey's guitars is no accident. Every piece of wood is painstakingly selected and cured, the craftsmanship is meticulous, the completed work is stunning, and special attention is given to the artists who will play them. Take a moment and treat yourself to a few pictures of these magnificent guitars by visiting Jeffrey's site.
Felipe Conde guitars are played by the world's most renown artists including Paco de Lucia an Al Di Meola. Top level craftsmanship and sought after tone built with passion and pride through generations.
Petr Matousek is a very talented Czech luthier whose guitars are played by Guitar4Mation (European version of LAGQ), Costas Costiolis and other excellent European performers. His Master Double Tops are on par with Matthias Dammann's. This luthier is one of the top European guitar makers and is coming to the US market in 2006. He surely has a great future here.
Woodley White is a guitar maker of exceptional talent. His guitars are hand crafted based on the 1943 Hauser design. The sound is rich and robust and the craftsmanship is superb.
John S. Bogdanovich believes "guitar building is a combination of many skills". To read more about his philosophy and his guitars, visit his website.
Dake Traphagen says, "A truly great guitar needs the human touch, intuition, and insight". Find out more at his website.
Miguel Antonio - If you are looking for a very competent repair luthier, give Antonio a call.
Edgar A. (Eddie) Vila has been building guitars since 1982. Eddie works with many different woods to produce some stunning instruments.
Charles Fox is a luthier of remarkable talent and impeccable taste. Charles makes some of the finest custom classical and steel string guitars to be found anywhere. Charles concentrates on making a few custom crafted instruments per year. Visit his web site to see photos of his work and to get additional contact information.
Peter Oberg’s guitars appeal to the player who requires an instrument with considerable volume and fullness of sound, without sacrificing the quality of tone, while retaining evenness throughout the registers. He works closely with the client to build an instrument tailored to their needs. All guitars are built with well-seasoned master-grade materials. Peter’s modern twist on a traditional bracing pattern, combined with the use of small auxiliary acoustic ports, makes playing one of his guitars an intimate and rewarding experience. You can learn more about Peter and his instruments by visiting his web site.
Fritz Mueller apprenticed with Jeff Elliott and has been building for many years in the Hauser tradition. Recently he has begun specializing in double-top guitars in the style of construction developed by Matthias Dammann in Germany, on instruments played by David Russell, Scott Tennant, and Manuel Barrueco, among others.
Ethan Deutsch is a Seattle based luthier of Classical and Flamenco guitars.
Lucio Nunez, a talented and experienced luthier whose guitars blend traditional and new concepts, builds in San Antonio, Texas, offering a fan-braced system or contemporary design. His breakthrough lattice-bracing system does not include carbon fiber.
Michael E. Collins is a graduate of the Guitar Research and Design Center in Vermont. He has over 3 decades of experience building custom Classical and Flamenco guitars. Michael's exceptional talents have been employed to perform extensive restorations for museums and collectors and to do repairs for working musicians. The sound he works toward for the classical guitars is a balanced, warm sound with good note to note separation and sustain. His flamenco guitars are raspy with a biting attack and good volume and clarity.
Kellaway Classical Guitars are produced with a particular sound in mind — a combination of sweetness and clarity, even response and volume, without sacrificing an inherently traditional tonality in the Spanish style.
Jeremy Cooper Guitars - Playability, workmanship, and affordable. Jeremy is in Tucson, AZ. Check out his gallery.
Marcus Dominelli is one of the finest young classical guitar makers to recently arrive on the scene. His instruments are becoming well known for thier sound quality, ease of playabilty, and aesthetic beauty. To find out more, please check out his web-site.
Kim Hee Hong, a Korean luthier, makes fine classical guitars in Double Top and Traditional designs. Log in to his website for videos on builiding classical guitars as well as videos of classical guitarists in performance.
Chris Conery is a Boulder, Colorado based luthier of classical guitars. He specializes in guitars patterned after the designs of the great French luthiers Robert Bouchet and Daniel Friedrich
Lennis Laviolette has been building classical guitars since 1985. Using the traditional Spanish heel technique, he has had success with the Hauser style fan brace and lately has been using the Smallman-type lattice. His guitars are being played on stage and in recordings by Fred Benedetti, George Svoboda, Peter Sprague, Jaime Valle and Peter Rubalcava.
Thomas Eichert constructs his instruments with skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thomas creates guitars in his workshop for the musician with special needs.
Martin Arregui guitars are built with the noblest procedures of the traditional lutherie, combined with the new technological- acoustic discoveries produced by the carbon fiber achieving the quality and power of the sound needed by today's guitarist.
Guitarras Bros - The name of their guitars was chosen in honor of the founder of the company, Sr. Francisco Broseta Rogla, a maker of fine Spanish guitars since the 1950's. Even today their guitars still carry his unmistakeable style.
Ramon Amira has performed for many years as a classical and flamenco guitarist, and currently teaches both in New York City. He is an authorized dealer for Jose Ramirez Guitars, Alhambra, Cordoba, Loriente, Raimundo, and Almansa. He personally inspects and plays all guitars before shipping, and guarantees the lowest prices in the entire USA.
Keith Adams, a master craftsman, had the love of wood and music lead him to become a luthier. Each piece of wood is carefully selected for its tonal quality and aesthetic beauty. Thirty years of playing the guitar has enabled him to determine what constitutes an excellent guitar. Each instrument is built with the care and quality to last more than a lifetime.
Lennie Chambers' goal as a luthier is to build quality instruments with his own personal signature tone. His highest honor has been having renowned classical guitarist Paul Vondiziano, playing his guitar since 2003. "It was a thrill to hear him play with the Kalamazoo Symphony and very exciting when he used my instrument to record his CD, J.S. Bach (1685-1750").
Dan Caucci of Classical Vintage Guitars can provide fine classical guitars for the collector, concert artist and serious student.
Peter Tsiorba Guitars are created by hand, in the Spanish tradition. Instead of complicated tooling, a keen eye, and the sensitivity of the maker's hand and ear are his guide. Rather than attempting to set-up his own mini production line, Peter Tsiorba crafts his guitars with few simple tools. The result? Guitars with meticulously set-up action, lush tone, and musical sensitivity.
Hurdy Gurdy - All of the instruments and parts they create are meticulously crafted using the finest material and construction techniques available.
Michael Elwellcreates with personalized details and choice of materials. His guitars are constructed to provide the performer with a refined tool for artistic expression.
Zebulon Turrentine is a luthier that combines his lifelong experience as a classical guitarist and woodworker to build some of the finest handmade classical guitars available today.
Rich Sayage of Savage Classical Guitar is one of the largest and most respected classical guitar dealers and shop in North America.
Zavaletas La Casa de Guitarras offers fine handmade classical guitars and flamenco guitars and carries carefully selected inventory of both new and used instruments. They represent more than forty Spanish guitar makers. If you do not find what you are looking for in-stock, or would like something custom made, they can special order flamenco or classical instruments from any of the Spanish luthiers they handle.
Eduardo Cordeiro (English version) makes a most modern guitar while also making traditional, lattice and double top creations. He is a very original luthier from South Brazil.
Tom Bills creates extraordinary acoustic and classical guitars. "Every great work of art conveys a message and hints at a mystery that is built into its framework and beautifully woven into its design and execution, that’s the way I create my instruments.”-TB
Lubos Naprstek designs and builds each custom piece with a unique tone, timbre, voice, and resonance that all musicians look for in a quality instrument. It is this essence that inspires him to create, and he has made it his life’s quest to strike that perfect balance in each custom piece he builds.
Aaron Ringo intends on spending his life in the pursuit of excellence, making the finest instruments possible. They have a rich, warm tonal quality with a strong sound and a great dynamic range, ideally suited for any modern concert performer.
Jay Jenkins of Chartwell Guitar celebrates the magic a fine, luthier built guitar produces. In stock are a variety of double tops, and traditional builds by the best of Madrid, as well as American and British traditionalists.
Robert E. Stebbins' guitars are built with the finest seasoned woods. His goal is always to create an instrument with concert power, projection, and balance with a pleasing voice. Action, string length, and neck dimensions can be customized to a player’s specifications.