Round Core String Caution

Caution: round core strings may go "dead" if the string is cut before installation, because the wrap can slip off the round core.

It is recommended to cut the string after installation and after tuning up to pitch.

Most importantly, the string needs a sharp 90 degree bend, so that the wrap is fixed to the core. This can be done once strung through the tuner hole before tuning up.

Please note that some manufacturers do not require this, like GHS Strings, based on a specific round core manufacturing processes.

From our string changing video, you can use a technique to pinch the tuning peg to create a double bend.

Round Core string pre bend then cut 3

Then wrap the string backwards around the post and then under and around the incoming portion. This locks the string in place on the tuning peg.

Round Core string pre bend then cut4

Notice the strings are not cut yet, until all strings are installed and fully tuned to pitch.

Round Core string pre bend then cut5

The following is a snapshot from another point of view, from Curt Mangan Strings.

Round Core string pre bend then cut 2

For tuning posts that require the string to be cut in advance, first make a sharp 90 degree bend in the string, then cut to the proper length after the bend. Below is a snapshot from a demonstration video by DR Strings.

Round Core string pre bend then cut