D'Addario EJ25C Flamenco Guitar Strings with Clear Trebles, Full Set
  • By: Siamak Saghafi
    when they were introduced I was really curious as I like Daddario pro arte EJ45 and put them on my flamenco guitar, I did not like these strings, too thick, no tension,
    the thickness makes it hard to move rapidly on the strings, rasguados are not easy,
    not recomended, I keep to the usual strings, sometimes using T2 titanium trebles.
  • By: Dennis Aberle
    These are probably the best flamenco guitar strings that I've used. They last longer than most and the intonation is always spot on.
  • By: Victor Tarassov
    I just put a set of these on my DeVoe Blanca Spruce top and they are very snappy silky and have great tone. They are a bit wider strings than the DAddario EJ 45C but they settle in very nicely. The feel is something that I was surprised with and very happy they are fast and silky trebles. They have some of the Titanium silky feel yet your dings can really connect well with the strings. The tone was also something I was very happy with there that very nice punchy snap with great tone. The bass strings respond very quick to rasgadios and sund great witn alzapua. I have played many strings that are available and these are going to be the strings on my guitars.