D'Addario EJ45FF Carbon NT Classical Guitar Strings CBN-3T, Treble Set
  • By: Sheldon Imperio
    Beautiful sound. They have everything you'd expect from Carbon strings - Good volume, sustain, bright sparkle... Plus they are full sounding and the high E string is probably one of the best carbon strings I've ever tried since they blend well with B and G and don't sound as piercing and strange.

    Unfortunately I have to dock 2 stars though because these feel like the stiffest I've ever tried, to the point that they feel a bit cutting on the finger tips. It's tolerable, but it really adds up over long practice sessions. I don't think the discomfort is worth the sound. YMMV

    Additionally, be absolutely sure to use a cardboard guard when stringing these up and loop the B and E string one extra time. The trebles slip VERY EASILY, which is something I've never experienced before with any other string! My b string slipped and would of put a terrible ding on my new guitar had it not been for the cardboard string guard that I use.
  • By: Paul Joslin
    after further review, I'm done looking. There may be a better e string out there, but this one is just about pure perfection for me. The verdict is still out on the g and b string, I have another g string I prefer, but this D'Addario carbon e string is really something. Pure and clear, reasonably good sustain, responds very well to vibrato. Unfortunately at this point you have to buy the whole set of trebles, they are not individually packaged, but the e string is well worth it even if you don't use the other two. This is a great string for any style of playing. Hard to describe in words, but I knew as soon as I put it on that it was exactly the sound I was looking for. Yes, it's bright, but in a full kind of way. I could go on and on, but this set in normal tension has a very nice e string. good luck, hope this helps
  • By: Paul Joslin
    wow, it's very rare I put on a set of trebles and know before I even have them tuned up I like them. A very uniquie pure sound with very little nylon sound. Very responsive but a really good attack sound, especially on the high e. I would give them 5 stars, but they make you buy all 3 in a set that are not individually wrapped. And since I like to replace strings one at a time it get's confusing if you have any other single D'Addario strings lying atround since they are only marked with the name of the string. Still not sure about the carbon g string, but the b and the e are the best I've found for my style (or for that matter just about any style) so far.