D'Addario EJ45FF Carbon NT Classical Guitar Strings CBN-3T, Treble Set


By: Sheldon Imperio Date Added: 06/17/2016
Beautiful sound. They have everything you'd expect from Carbon strings - Good volume, sustain, bright sparkle... Plus they are full sounding and the high E string is probably one of the best carbon strings I've ever tried since they blend well with B and G and don't sound as piercing and strange.

Unfortunately I have to dock 2 stars though because these feel like the stiffest I've ever tried, to the point that they feel a bit cutting on the finger tips. It's tolerable, but it really adds up over long practice sessions. I don't think the discomfort is worth the sound. YMMV

Additionally, be absolutely sure to use a cardboard guard when stringing these up and loop the B and E string one extra time. The trebles slip VERY EASILY, which is something I've never experienced before with any other string! My b string slipped and would of put a terrible ding on my new guitar had it not been for the cardboard string guard that I use.
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