D'Addario EJ46FF Carbon HT Classical Guitar Strings CBH-3T, Treble Set
  • By: Michael Kremer
    I use the CBH -3T Carbon strings on a Cordoba Solista. For basses I use d'Addario Dynacores, normal tension SDN-3B. I settled on this combination after trying several types of strings (Rectified, standard nylon, Composites, Titaniums) and different tensions. For my guitar the CBHs and SDNs give me excellent balance between the trebles and basses with good sustain and projection. The trebles are bright and clear. The basses don't overwhelm the trebles. And as I move up the fretboard the sound remains full and dynamic. I have tried other HT strings but they were hard on my fingers. The CBH-3T are a little lighter, but still deliver a crisp carbon sound. (E1 in inches is .024 compared to .028 for d'Addario Composites HT) They feel lighter and are easier to play. They are much easier on my fingers. With this combination I feel I have found the strings that bring out the best sound from my guitar.
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