D'Addario NS Classical Guitar Capo PW-CP-04
  • By: Daniel Kjellander
    A decent capo in my opinion. I have used it for some years after my Shubb was stolen. I have the impression that it's rather sensitive to neck shape. It works fine on one of my guitars (which has a pretty solid neck). On my other guitars it fits less well, which results in only average accuracy and buzz reduction.
    The best capo! Lightweight! Accurate! I will buy one or two more soon.
  • By: Jeff Winkler
    I own two: great capo. It's easy to put on and take off, and it's secure. Works well on my wide necked classical, too.
  • By: Alan Hahn
    Best capo I've ever used. Much better than the G7 which is way too heavy and I thought a bit finicky about positioning. Never mind the fact it cost twice as much as the Planet Waves and is not as good. The Planet Waves is super light and has never made me have to retune after putting it on.