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Capos for Guitar, Ukulele, and More

A non-guitarist fan of "The Sopranos" can be forgiven for thinking a guitar capo is a Mafia captain who carries his guns in a guitar case.

We offer dozens of capos and cejillas for classical, flamenco, electric, and acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles. They're made by top companies like G7th, Kyser, D'Addario Planet Waves, Shubb, Spider Capo, and Jim Dunlop, among others.

Have a question about capos? Call 800-513-8271 to talk with our friendly music, strings, and gear experts or contact them online. They’re available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. EST.

And remember: On weekdays, international orders received by 7 a.m. EST and U.S. orders received by 3 p.m. EST ship the same day!
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