Hannabach Super Carbon Goldin Trebles MHT Guitar Strings, Treble Set


By: John Rhodes Date Added: 04/30/2013
I own a Miguel Rodriguez Guitar. Along with getting a new bridge and a Planet Waves sound hole insert, I have tried just about every major brand of strings that Strings by mail sells. For the basses I use the Galli genius strings, and I was satisfied with the sound except the high E. I was trying to find a B & E string combo that would project well. Give a clear and distinct tone with harmonics to match at the 5th,7th, and 12th frets while still having a warm timbre.

Well, These trebles have that. The harmonics at the 12th fret ring longer by almost double the time than any other string I have tested. (roughly 8-10 seconds with my guitar). Also, you can clearly hear the melody notes all the way up the neck with NO deadening of tone. You heard me right - NO deadening of tone!! I have yet to try the third string.(which I just ordered) But even so - the Galli Genius GR90 Carbon Hard string are my new primary set along with the E-1 & B-2 the Hannabach Super Carbon Trebles 725 - Medium High Tension.

With this set-up I have the clear, warm, distinct ringing sound that I am looking for with my all cedar guitar.
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