Kikutani Ultra Light Weight Aluminum 4 Position Footrest GF-7
  • By: Mark Bradlyn
    This is a wonderful footrest. I have owned this footrest for nearly a year and it has proven to be very sturdy. Yes, it is lightweight, but it is not at all flimsy, and its small size is no disadvantage, unless perhaps you wear a size 12 or larger shoe. It is certainly no more "tippy" than any of the other footrests I have owned over the years. I also like the range of heights, which are more comfortable and useful for me than those of the larger heavy steel footrests (I own two of these heavy models, and I have completely stopped using them in performance in favor of this one). When I arrived at a rehearsal today I found that I had left the footrest in the case of my other guitar... So, I'm ordering another one right now so I can keep one in each instrument case. Thank you Strings By Mail for having these footrests available!
  • By: Trevor Hanson
    In my earlier review, I said I would follow up if the footrest didn't prove to be sturdy. It didn't. On its second use, the leg broke off the body. It was held on by a dinky rivet that on inspection was obviously not large or strong enough for the application. This footrest is a complete piece of junk, and a waste of $23. If it had a warranty I would return it, but there wasn't one. I am very careful and conservative with all my gear - I wasn't trying to jump on the footrest or use it for anything other than its main purpose. I have never had a footrest break before, including the first cheesy one I bought in 1969, which I still use. So I am surprised to see that another reviewer thought this product was well made. The crappy rivets he complains about are exactly what holds the legs to the base, and that's what failed. I was using the footrest in its lowest position, which might have been a factor in creating torque on the rivet (it might have lasted longer in a more upright position). So to repeat: It totally failed on its second use.
  • By: Jonathan Lozoya
    These footrests are tiny, but are built pretty good. They are very small and lightweight-which is good if you have to carry a lot of other stuff. I have bought many other other brands-these and the ULTRA brand seem to be good in terms of quality. Most of the other footrests seem to break where the (legs) braces cross each other (usually some sort of crappy rivet).

    This footrest also comes with a little bag.
  • By: Trevor Hanson
    This footrest is tiny, much smaller than a normal guitar footrest. Because it is so small, it feels precarious and tippy. It is certainly lightweight, as advertised, but the small profile was a surprise. It also feels rather fragile underfoot, which may simply be due to the light weight, but I am anxious about putting too much weight on it. I will start using it this week, and will post a follow-up review if it bends or breaks; but with luck it will hold up. I am giving only two stars because the size is such a disappointment. If the description had included dimensions I would have picked a different product; at $23 this feels like a waste of money. However, if you have small feet or don't mind a small platform, then this might be a good or possibly a great choice, depending on how rugged it proves to be.