Oasis QuadRest Guitar Support with carry case OH-25


By: Keith Pratt Date Added: 08/10/2013
I bought one of these before Oasis picked up the line--the only difference between the Oasis support and the one I bought is mine does not have Oasis on it. That said, this support took every weakness of the Gitano and improved on those weaknesses. The cup has a spring and lever and after you apply the cup to the guitar you slide the lever and the cup is pulled to the base resulting in a tight seal with no movement. Slide back the lever and lift the tab on the cup and it comes off with no hassles. The cup with lever is a brillant idea. The sling has anti-slip dots. This puppy works! As for the cup, same rules apply to french polish as do all suction cups. I actually have a thin layer of golpeador material on the rib of my french polish guitar so I do not worry about rings or the cup gripping. Ben from SBM told me he came up with the idea for the bag--nice touch!