Rosette Tremolo Mute Practice Tool
  • By: Daniel DiVita
    This does EXACTLY what I was expecting it to do. It mutes the strings, but does not deaden them completely. Amazingly useful to check extraneous nail noise and develop a good tremolo technique.

    The day it arrived, I put it on to see how it fits. A bit later in the day, I actually spent a bit of time practicing with it, maybe 15-20min. In this short amount of time, I already noticed a much cleaner tremolo which amazed me as to how quick I was able to utilize the mute.

    It's well worth the $ and I would definitely purchase another if anything happened to my current one!
  • By: Patrick Yiu
    I like it. It's really good for practicing tremolo.
  • By: Aaron Wolf
    This is not worthwhile. It is adjustable but adjustments are relatively permanent, so it doesn't work with multiple guitars that may have different bridge heights. Furthermore, there's nothing special about this. The idea is fine. But the best solution is to just get a roll of rubbery stuff people use to line drawers, cut a small rectangle, roll it up into a tube. That works just as well if not better, is more adjustable, cheaper, and easy. There's no need for this specialized product.
  • By: Clemente Rivera
    Many may be skeptical about spending whatever kind of money for this mute when you can use a cloth or cut up a spare mouse pad to do the same. This mute is very worth it, all strings sound even, no buzzing or that annoying tinny sound and to my surprise you can also get a considerable amount of volume but not enough to defeat the purpose of muting. As for durability, the mute won't rip apart unless you do it on purpose and the pad won't damage your guitar's finish. I use it daily for my morning warm-up at school and when I can't find a place where I can practice freely. I'd say the only reason not to get this is if you plain out just don't need it. Forget the polish cloth and mouse pad and do yourself a favor and try it for yourself.
  • By: Jaime Augusto Penagos Carrascal
    Es un buen producto, cumple lo que promete.
    "It is a good product, does what it promises."
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