D'Addario Double Bass

D'Addario Double Bass Strings

D'Addario, which traces its history to 1680, makes five lines of double bass strings to meet the needs of everyone from student musicians to established pros.

Most D'Addario double bass strings are available in sets, single strings, and fractional sizes:

• NS Electric strings are designed for electric double basses made by Ned Steinberger, but work on other instruments, too.

• Prelude strings are aimed at students, and offer a warm tone, good bow response, and reduced tension that makes them easy to play.

• Helicore strings are available in four types: Solo, Orchestral, Pizzicato, and Hybrid. All provide excellent flexibility, response, pitch stability, and durability.

• Kaplan strings are designed for orchestral musicians, and feature a rich tonal palette, warmth, clarity, and superb balance throughout the set.

• Zyex strings produce a warm, rich, gut-like sound that's powerful and clear. The synthetic strings are also extremely stable even under the worst climatic conditions.

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