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Guitarron Strings
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You know the huge instrument in mariachi groups that looks like the rogue offspring of a guitar and a string bass? That's a guitarron, which translates as — you guessed it — "big guitar."

We offer guitarron strings as a set and singles from La Bella, a company long known for making fine strings for Latin instruments.

Surprisingly, the guitarron is not a descendant of the guitar. It evolved from the 16th century Spanish bajo de uña.

The guitarron is essential to mariachi groups, but it has occasionally found its way into popular and classical music as well. Randy Meisner of the Eagles played it on the song "New Kid in Town" from the album "Hotel California," and Roy Estrada played it on the 1966 Mothers of Invention album "Freak Out!" The guitarron also inspired Ernie Ball to develop the modern acoustic bass guitar.

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