A-Frame-MI Multi-Instrument Adjustable Support
[A-Frame-MI - 796279113472]
  • By: Bryan Baldoza
    This is a really good and unique product. I have a foot rest and two different suction cup frames but I really like this option the best. I do have to admit that at first there was some initial frustration trying to figure out how to install it to the guitar. But once I got it down it made sense. One of the aspects I like about this device is the velcro which offers the option to raise or lower the height and tilt of the guitar. You can really place the guitar right in front of your face if you like which can really help your playing. My situation is a little unique. I own a Carvin NS1 which is a classical guitar with a semi-hollow thin body like you see on a standard electric guitar. I couldn't use the traditional suction cup frames because they were far too wide for the thin body. Because of the problems with the other frames I assumed I was destined to use a guitar strap (which is a good alternative that people sometimes forget). However, the A-Frame MI is a wonderful solution. It fits comfortably and now I have additional confidence in my playing. I definitely recommend this product. Kudos to whoever or whomever designed this product.
  • By: Kam Bhagia
    I have every support available, and this has become my favorite. If your guitar has a raised fretboard, like mine does, there's not enough wood on the shoulder of the instrument for two suction cups and you don't get the needed stability. This model solves that by moving the suction cups to the back and stays very securely in place. Also because you have more surface area on the back of the guitar, the variations in position are nearly infinite. Highly recommended.
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