Savarez 540CJ New Cristal/HT Classic HT Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Alvaro Vazquez
    Awesome!!! These are the most stable strings I ever used, and for the price!!! Just to die for, excellent. The sound between basses and trebles are pretty good, very balanced. The trebles have a warm tone, and the basses a beautiful brilliant tone, besides they sense comfort and safe in play. Best strings I ever used.
  • By: Marc Scordato
    After reading many glowing reviews for Alliance carbon fiber strings I tried a set of Alliance Classic strings. I loved the feel and the sound classic bass strings.The Alliance treble strings however were hard to the touch, hard on the guitar and far to bright. Next I tried Crystal Corum strings. The Cristal trebles sound wonderful. Soft and sweet like traditional strings but with a bit more volume and sustain. The Corum bass strings sounded warm and were easy to the touch but the lacked the snap and bite of the Classic strings. Cristal Classic strings have it all, a nice percussive bass and crisp clean highs while maintaining the soft sweet sound of a classical guitar.
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