Savarez 540J Alliance/HT Classic HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    Bright strings for my blanca. I already use them for 5 days now and the cripsy sound still remains. I like them a lot but next i'll propably choose normal tension. They get dirty very easily.
  • By: Nicholas Ciraldo
    Wonderful, clear, and bright strings. Beautiful sound. Trebles can be frustratingly, unreliably out of tune -- and there's nothing you can do about it but put on new strings. The strings are thinner and D'Addario. My favorite. I use the Sav trebles with D'Addario basses.

    (SBM note: D'Addario trebles are nylon and will be thicker than the diameter of these Savarez carbon strings.)
  • By: Bo Hwan Wang
    These are great strings. They have bright sound, but they might be a little too bright for some spruce guitars (only if you prefer mellower sound like me). I saw some cedars guitars sounding great with theses strings. The strings are a little thinner and I haven't really experienced much intonation problem (some carbon fiber strings do have intonation problems).
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