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Elodie Bouny Classical Sheet Music for 3 Guitars

Do classical guitarists make the best classical guitar music composers? Of course, there’s no definitive way to answer that question. But for evidence in the affirmative, Elodie Bouny certainly makes a compelling case. The Venezuelan-born Bouny grew up in Paris, where she studied classical guitar at the Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt before further study at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg. She holds a Master's degree in Music Education from the School of Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a PhD in Creative Processes from there as well.

So she’s obviously got the academic background. Her compositional prowess isn’t far behind. She’s received several guitar commissions and written and/or orchestrated several pieces for various ensembles (orchestra, guitar quartets, even a group of seven guitars, accordion and orchestra). She’s even served as director of the guitar composition competition “Concurso Novas.”

Which brings us to this selection. “Three Wishes” was commissioned for Antara Dasgupta, Sunil Parameswaran, and Iqbal Asify for the 2021-2022 GFA Mentorship Program. Their performance of it on Youtube garnered great praise. Part of the Guitar Foundation of America Spotlight series, now you too can partake of Bouny’s exquisite piece.

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