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Aureo Puerta Carreno Classical Guitar Quartet Sheet Music for 4 Guitars

It’s well known that mathematics and music are closely related. But Aureo Puerta Carreno really takes things to the extreme. A lover of both music and mathematics, he has developed a methodology for writing music through geometry. No, really.

No staff paper, no Pro Tools, no Garage Band. In fact, he told the Miami Herald, “I only use a compass and a ruler.” Which hasn’t hindered the appreciation for his music, which has been performed at guitar festivals in the United States and across the globe. In fact, in 2020 he was named composer-in-residence by the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

His mathematical muse goes back to when Puerta Carreño was composing and ran out of staff paper, and grabbed some graph paper. He soon noticed a geometric pattern to the notes on the graph paper. Further inspiration came from a documentary on bees, and he began utilizing the hexagons favored by the busy pollinators to encompass the 12 notes of the Western musical system. He says the result is more logical and easier to understand than traditional theory.

Fortunately, you will have no need for compass, ruler, or even a protractor – or bees for that matter – to play this music. Just your skills as a guitarist. And, of course, three friends. So whether you’re into geometry or not, it’s clear this music will challenge and enthrall you.

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