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John Duarte Classical Guitar Quartet Sheet Music for 4 Guitars

John Duarte hailed from Sheffield, England, famous for birthing Joe Cocker, Paul Carrack, Def Leppard, ABC, The Human League, and a host of other pop and rock luminaries. Who had nothing at all to do with Duarte (but serve as evidence there must be something in the water there).

Duarte composed over 150 works for the guitar and lute. While his forte was not rock and roll, metal or pop music, his music does demonstrate a wide range of styles. Which should come as no surprise, as he worked professionally as a trumpeter and bassist as well as guitarist, alongside the likes of Coleman Hawkins and Django Reinhardt.

He also wrote numerous arrangements and instructional works, including an introduction to harmony for guitarists. None of it would have been possible were it not for the persistence of Len Williams, founder of the London-based Spanish Guitar Centre, where a young John Williams (Len’s son) studied with Duarte. Williams senior persuaded Duarte to give up his work as a chemist to concentrate instead on music. Good job!

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