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Ottorino Respighi Classical Guitar Quartet Sheet Music for 4 Guitars
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Ottorino Respighi composed this music based on solo lute works of the 16th century and 17th-century works for lute, archlute and viol. That’s par for the course for the gifted Italian composer, violinist and musicologist. He wrote operas, ballets, orchestral suites, choral songs, and chamber music. If he was alive now he’d likely be writing for movies and pop singers as well.

Now arranger Janet Agostino has returned this music to its original context, albeit for guitars rather than lutes. She’s also worked to maintain (in her words) “the rich colours, sounds and texture of Respighi’s imaginative orchestrations.”

So there you are, the best of all possible worlds. Sixteenth and 17th century masterworks, translated into 20th century orchestrations, and reborn – re-reborn, actually – for a chamber orchestra, just one of guitars.

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