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Galli Acoustic Guitar Strings

These Galli Acoustic Guitar Strings are excellent playing and sounding strings for the discerning acoustic guitarist

Galli Acoustic Guitar Strings are available in these popular options: Gypsy Jazz Acoustic Guitar Strings, Lucky Star Phosphor Acoustic Guitar Strings, and Rainbow 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings.

Galli Gypsy Jazz Manouche Acoustic Guitar Strings have quickly become one of the most popular acoustic jazz strings in the world. The special design and tension of these Galli Gypsy Jazz Acoustic Guitar Strings make them the best choice for the manouche guitar style of playing.

Galli Lucky Star Acoustic Guitar Strings feature a hexagonal core that is covered with an alloy of copper, tin and phosphorus. This alloy combination helps to produce a very rich sound that is characterized by an initially sparkling impact.

Galli Rainbow 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings are constructed with a covering of an 80/20 bronze alloy over a hex core, producing a sparkling and lively sound that has excellent response to the low notes.
* At the manufacturer's request, Galli Strings are not available for shipment to addresses in Europe.