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La Bella Fractional Guitar Classical Guitar Strings

These Fractional La Bella Classical Guitar Strings for fractional guitars are shorter scale guitar strings that feature clear nylon trebles and silver plated wound basses. All of these sets of fractional guitar strings include (2) two wound 3rd (G) strings.

Set FG114 for 1/4 size (17" or 44/45 cm scale length)
Set FG112 for 1/2 size (21" or 52/53 cm scale length)
Set FG134 for 3/4 size (22.5" or 57/58 cm scale length)
Set FG178 for 7/8 size (24.5" or 62/63 cm scale length)

The string sets for these fractional guitars are also commonly known as: children's guitars, niños guitars, student guitars, kinder guitars, travel guitars, etc...