Classic S Series

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Thomastik-Infeld Classic S Series Classical Guitar Strings

The Classic S series crosses the line between steel string bright and fiber core mellow, with tension suitable for your valuable classical guitar. The Classic S Precisions are soft steel-core strings with highly polished windings, perfect for concert, finger style and folk guitarists. The Classic S Rope Core feature a hybrid core of fiber and woven steel strands for exceptional articulation and sustain. The basses are silver plated flat-wound. The trebles of the KR116 set are nylon tape-wound on rope core. The trebles for the KF110 are plain steel brass plated (e) and silverplated copper flat wound on a steel core (b). (The S series are ball end strings). *the package lists these strings as light tension (compared to steel string sets), but in fact are closer in tension to classical hard tension sets.
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