Electric Bass Strings

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Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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Strings By Mail carries a wide variety of your favorite Electric Bass Strings. No matter your playing style or music genre, you can find the perfect set of Bass Strings to suit your needs. Many Bass Strings manufacturers also offer individual Bass Strings of varying gauges, so you can piece together your own custom set of Electric Bass Strings.

Strings By Mail carries a wide assortment of bass strings from many popular manufacturers, and our information on each product page will help you choose what is the best Bass Strings for you from: D'Addario, Dean Markley, Elixir, La Bella, Rotosound, and many more. Strings By Mail offers many Electric Bass Strings as both full sets and single strings, so that you can piece together your own custom set. Let us know your favorite, and we'll be sure to have plenty in stock for your next order!

Scale lengths on Electric Bass Strings are measured from the nut to the saddle as follows...

Short Scale: less than 30"
Medium Scale: 30-33"
Long Scale: 34"
Extra Long Scale: more than 34"

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