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SIT Strings

SIT Electric Guitar Strings

These Power Wound Nickel Electric Guitar Strings from SIT pack a big bang for your buck!

Starting with a high tempered hexagon core, SIT Electric Guitar Strings are then wrapped in Nickel-plated cover for a bright sound and longevity. Combine that state of the art winding process and Stay In Tune process, you can see and hear why these are the guitar strings that have made SIT famous.

Power Groove Pure Nickel strings have a pure nickel cover-wrap over a hard-tempered hex core. This soft nickel alloy produces a string with great feel and intonation. Pure nickel will really bring out the tone in vintage guitars. The exclusive S.I.T. Stay-In-Tune level wrap formula guarantees consistent tension and tone. All S.I.T. Strings have the Stay-In-Tune process at the end of the string near the ball-end to help prevent stretching and breakage.

Power Wound have a nickel-plated cover wrap over a high tempered hexagon core for a bright sound and good longevity.

Silencer Semi-Flat electric guitar strings are nickel-plated steel. The Silencer process of "Inverse String Winding" compresses the outermost part of the cover wrap leaving the internal portion of the string intact. This design gives a bright sound with a semi-flat feel.