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Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Swing Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Do the mellow, powerful tones produced by Thomastik-Infeld's Jazz Swing Flat Wound electric guitar strings actually improve with age, as some players claim? Try some and judge for yourself!

In each set, the first two strings are brass-plated plain steel. The flat, ribbon windings on the other four strings are highly polished pure nickel, for a supple and responsive feel. Silk-wrapped ends anchor the windings for extended playing life.

Have a question about Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Swing Flat Wound electric guitar strings? Call 800-513-8271 to talk with our friendly music, strings, and gear experts or contact them online. They’re available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. EST.

And remember: U.S. orders received weekdays before 3 p.m. EST ship the same day!
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