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Banjo Capos | Mandolin Capos

At Strings By Mail, we take pride in the huge selection of accessories that we offer for a wide variety of stringed instruments. Our aim is to provide the tools that you need to create great music.

If you play the banjo or mandolin, check out our capos for those instruments. Don't see an accessory that you need? Just let us know. We'll be happy to order it for you, and will likely add it to our regular stock.

Got a question about banjo or mandolin capos? Call 800-513-8271 to talk with our friendly stringed instrument experts. They’re available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. EST. You also can email them.

And remember: U.S. orders received weekdays before 3 p.m. EST ship the same day!
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