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Established, Owned, & Operated by Experienced Musicians & True Aficionados.

Strings By Mail became a company that offers strings for virtually all instruments in addition to a complete line of accessories, sheet music, and recordings, by identifying a need.

1999 - Inspiration To Create Strings By Mail

As his abilities as a classical guitarist grew Rick Cyr came to fully understand that string choices have an extremely high impact on a players success. They change one's sound, impact ones technique, and effect the maturing of one's instrument. As he started his search to find the perfect option for him and his instrument he realized there was no single source, for no brick and mortar store could carry all the important string options necessary to serve every classical guitarist's needs and no internet source existed. In 1999 this became his inspiration to create Strings By Mail [SBM].

2005 - Expand The Effort

That same inspiration, to make guitarists lives easier by bringing every necessary option to one source, led the next owners, brothers and guitarists Brad & Scott DeRoche, to both expand the effort to include the necessary options for acoustic and electric guitarists and to pioneer providing detailed data on string tensions, materials, and specifications to their customers.

2009 to present - Serve All String Players and Include An Extensive Offering

Now, under the leadership of John Wunsch since 2009, the mission has continued and expanded to serve all string players and include an extensive offering of accessories, sheet music, CDs and DVDs. With a database representing over 20 years of testing and cataloging the characteristics of strings and an offering of over 12000 products - in stock, on sight, and ready to ship - SBM is established as a world wide leader in service to string players. Those resources, in combination with excellent personalized customer service from professional musicians, allow SBM to help each customer reach their fullest potential. Please call 800.523.8271 or contact us for guidance and consultation. Special orders are always welcome.

SBM Team October 2018

The crew at Strings By Mail
Top row: Stu - Bruce - Rick - Matt - Eric - Ben
Bottom row: Kelsea - Jaci - John - Jessica - Karen
Not pictured: Laura - Jim - Aaron
Now presenting SBM employee pets representing their owners!

John, a lifelong guitarist, cross country skier, and sailor has been classical and jazz guitar instructor at the Interlochen Arts Academy for 15 years, founded the Interlochen Guitar Festival Workshop and purchased SBM in 2009. He now gets the pleasure being lead dog for the best staff in the string, music, and guitar supply business. He finds the new hat of the proprietor of SBM to be a perfect fit.

Laura, the She-E-O of SBM, is an avid exercising and perpetually styling cat mom, and co owner of SBM with John. On her days in the offices at SBM she specializes in international shipments. She’s also our queen of jocularity and the anchor of our even keel.

Ben, a rocking guitarist, song writer, singer and since 2010 the solo house musician at Bowers Harbor Vineyards, is a totally devoted family man and the Operations Director at SBM. He keeps the website in tune, heads up IT and never stops having better ideas. Check out Ben's electric guitar and bass playing in Part 2 of D'Addario Balanced Tension strings.

Matt's skill and experience as a professional classical and rock guitarist are a perfect fit with his role as our lead customer service representative. He's a problem solver with a wealth of information ready to help you find the ideal information or product, and ready to make your SBM experience the best you could ask for.

Jim is a true aficionado of most music styles, our mystical master of the magical numbers, and an economic poet. Other companies might call him the accountant, but that just doesn't cover what he makes happen at SBM. It helps that he plays a little guitar and knows a few chords too!

Rick is a family man & former pro snow boarder who gets in as much riding in the winter & beach biking in the summer as he can. He's a perfect fit at SBM where he uses his "Inventory Guru" alter ego to whip our 12000 + product skus into line and receives the tons-o-stuff that pass through our doors. He also helps rock packages out the door on our world class fulfillment team.

She is our accounts manager with the responsibility of untangling and preventing knots in our paperwork . . . not an easy chore, but she has it knocked. Karen is also an awesome organizer so our files are her domain. When not at SBM she enjoys visits with her friends, children, and grandchildren along with the local restaurant/entertainment scene and the beauty that living here brings.

As a member of the Strings By Mail projects team, Bruce focuses on enhancing and expanding our informational content and adding perspective to our site design. Bruce’s rich background includes national awards for investigative reporting and an 18-year stint as a freelance writer and author. He has written, co-authored, edited, or contributed to more than 30 books, primarily reference works about government and history. He most recently wrote content and created marketing strategies for Washtenaw Community College’s award winning website. Bruce also works in order fulfillment at Strings By Mail and backs up our lead shipper. In his off hours he enjoys the beauty of our region and is writing a book about an 1880 shipwreck in Lake Huron.

Jaci brings the perspective of one who has owned and run her own Internet company, as well as great skills for any Internet business. From photography to photoshop and HTML to spreadsheets she's been using the tools of the trade for years. Jaci is a key member of our project team refining data and enhancing presentation of products at Strings by mail. She is also a critical member of the Strings by mail fulfillment team. Off the job Jaci is a master of many crafts with specialties in jewelry and ornaments and continues to pursue a lifelong passion for helping animals through supporting rescue of English sheep dogs - untilyoufindme.com.

Eric helps lift the receiving load at SBM, manages purchase orders, tracks packages, and puts his experience touring the country, recording, and creating indie alternative rock originals with Detroit based “Cathouse” in the 80s and 90s to good use in our customer service division. There he helps customers with the important goal of finding just the right gear. He does wear quite a few hats at SBM, but having to be nimble and adapt moment to moment as a member of the improvisational spoken word band K-9 prepared him well for fast paced and ever changing days at SBM.

When he is not helping create success stories at SBM he can be found playing his guitar or with his dog on hikes in the Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore park where he also likes camping with this better half.

Stu’s musical journey runs the gamut from the tuba through guitar to electric bass. He started in the bass clef and ended up in the bass clef, so It looks like it’s all about the bottom. Clearly, he is a man that likes to hold down the foundation. That’s a good thing, because what he does at SBM as our ordering specialist is foundational. If those 13000+ products are not ordered correctly every week the show just can’t go on. Spreadsheets and formulas rule on his purchasing gig, so it doesn’t hurt that after studies at Berklee College of Music he scooped up an accounting degree. But all that playing and gigging that still goes on in his life makes him another perfect fit to back up our customer service team as we work to make sure we can take every call and answer every question. When he gets a break from the SBM life he likes to travel and play bass.

As head shipper at SBM Jessica is the key party responsible for making sure all those orders that come in before 3PM EST get out the same day. We are not sure if it is her training as a dancer, the influence of all that U of M football she loves to watch, or the Jedi attitude that lingers in her spirit after she geeks out over Star Wars, but she has the ability to give that extra push to get the orders out with such finesse and power that she rocks her job at SBM. Off the job rumor has it she is quite the knitter, hiker, biker, craft beer connoisseur, and happy cook.

Marley came along with our Social Media consultant Lawrence, who has trained her to be the fine dancer you see in this video. Once she was on board, SBM Co-owner Laura became her costume designer and Ben became her accompanist. We just hope they all don't start touring so much we end up short staffed.