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Augustine Regal Classical Guitar Strings

Augustine's Regal classical guitar strings are known for their bright, round trebles and rich, warm basses.

All sets in the Regal series have the same high tension, clear Cristal nylon trebles. The treble strings are each .02mm larger in diameter than their counterparts in Augustine's Imperial series, and they're a bit higher in tension. These differences make them punchier, with a louder attack and less sustain. They're also brighter than trebles in Augustine's Classic series.

The Regal sets are differentiated by the tension in their bass strings. The Regal Blue basses are high tension, Regal Red and Regal Gold are medium tension, and Regal Black are low tension. The basses are all silver plated except for the gold set, which is brass-plated copper wire, providing a warmer sound.

At Strings By Mail, we offer the complete line of Augustine Regal classical guitar strings in full sets, treble and bass half sets, and single strings for your convenience.

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