500 Corum Series

Savarez 500 Corum Series Classical Guitar Strings

The Savarez Classical Guitar Strings Corum 500 Series pairs Corum Basses with Trebles from the Traditional line or the Alliance line, or with the New Cristal trebles (half way between the Traditional and Alliance trebles in brightness). The Corum Basses are very different from the basses in the other lines. They are more flexible and the sound is richer and warmer. The Corum basses are good when mixing trebles and basses within the Savarez line or with other brands.

The letter “A” represents the use of powerful Alliance carbon treble guitar strings in a set and “C” represents the use of expressive Cristal nylon treble guitar strings in a set. For example 500 AR is a normal tension set Savarez Classical Guitar Strings, with Alliance trebles and Corum basses. The presence of both an R & a “J” indicates a mix of normal tension trebles with high tension basses. The presence of an “H” indicates polished bass guitar strings. 500PR combines Corum bass guitar strings with an older style traditional rectified treble guitar string.

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