570 Cristal Series

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Savarez 570 Cristal Series Classical Guitar Strings

These Savarez Classical Guitar Strings 570 Cristal Series are available in the 570CR normal tension Cristal Soliste, 570CS high tension Cristal Soliste, and the 570CH Polished Sets.

Originally introduced in the 1960s, this monofilament nylon treble string has been reintroduced with an advanced design. The new design ensures perfectly round strings which are not rectified and have excellent intonation. The trebles are bright and exceptionally clear and are not prone to scratching or chipping. The silver plated basses have a stiffer core which results in a brighter, clearer sound. At Strings By Mail, we are impressed with these strings' beautiful timbre and clear projection of sound.

Refer to this robust Savarez Classical String Tension and Diameter PDF Chart for full details. Note the diameters are accurate down to the 4th decimal and not rounded to the 3rd decimal as seen on the packaging and other sources.

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