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D'Addario Specialty Electric Bass Strings

Is that a bass or guitar? The Fender Bass VI and the baritone guitar are variants on guitar, which are tuned an octave below traditional guitar (the former) or somewhere between a third and a fifth lower (baritone guitar). Those who have played the Fender Bass VI come from both sides of the aisle: guitarists such as Joe Perry, Glen Campbell, and Wes Montgomery, and bassists Jack Bruce and John Entwistle. Hey, even the immortal Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap had one, though he wouldn’t play it or even let anyone see it.

As for the baritone guitar, it was first used in classical music, but soon became associated with surf music, as well as rockabilly and country music. It’s been featured in recordings by artists as diverse as Dave Matthews, Allan Holdsworth, the B-52’s and Metallica.

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