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Experiment Collections

Experiment Collections - Classical Guitar Strings

Strings By Mail has helped numerous guitarists around the world unravel the everlasting quest for the "perfect tone." Now for your quest of that holy grail, we will pack your bag to put your best foot forward toward your journey.

For over 10 years Strings By Mail has experimented, documented, and absorbed information from you the customer, manufacturers, and our own personal observations as experienced and educated musicians. We have gathered and poured this wealth of information into these collections which we are extremely excited to offer you exclusively at Strings By Mail!

These specially tailored packages are designed for the player who seeks the tone he or she desires. These collections are designed to provide an opportunity for guided experimentation. The packages may include a wide tonal spectrum, diverse materials, or varying premiums. Ultimately it is a personal choice based upon your playing style, your instrument, and your personal tonal taste.

Let the scientist play!

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