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There are many factors that can make acoustic guitar strings differ from each other in looks, playability, and sound. Perhaps one of the biggest differences between acoustic string choices is the gauge of the strings, also known as the string’s thickness or tension.When choosing acoustic guitar strings, the string gauges are usually listed on the outer package for easy comparison. Most often, these gauges are written out from the first string to the sixth string when dealing with standard six string guitars (ie. .013 to .056), and sometimes every string gauge is detailed on the package along with the associated category of the gauge (ie. Medium Heavy – .013, .017, .026, .034, .045, .056).

Generally the heavier gauges and therefore higher tension strings require more effort to play, but give a faster feeling response and are louder with a more focused punch to their sound. Lighter gauge strings provide a lighter touch and a lighter sound that might be described as having a more jingly nature.

Acoustic Guitar Strings - Wide Selection

Acoustic Guitar Strings – Strings By Mail

12-String Guitar String Gauges

12-String acoustic guitars string sets are created a little bit differently. As the name applies, there are 12 strings in all – comprised of 6 courses of two strings each.­­­ As the strings are played or strummed together, the extra strings help to produce a ringing chorus effect. The treble string courses are tuned in unison, with the two strings in each course being at the same gauge or thickness. The bass string courses however are usually tuned an octave apart from each other, with the two strings in each course consisting of different gauges or thicknesses, with the thicker of the two strings usually twice the gauge of the thinner strings.

Guitar String Gauge Categories

Popular acoustic string gauge categories range from Extra Light, Light, Medium, and Heavy, and every other in-between or custom gauges that acoustic string manufacturers can provide to meet the needs of their customers.

Strings By Mail – Custom Customer Concoctions (C3)

If you cannot find your perfect premade set of acoustic guitar strings, you can piece together your own set from our large selection of acoustic single strings from D’Addario, Elixir, and Ernie Ball. You can also view and purchase the custom creations that our customers have pieced together in our Custom Customer Concoctions (C3) acoustic guitar string sets. You may want to submit your own custom set for inclusion in our C3 section, both for your own convenience and ease of ordering and to give other players the opportunity to try it.

All of the different acoustic guitar string choices available from Strings By Mail help to provide a wide variety of sound and playing options for acoustic guitar players across the globe, and are adaptable to a wide and ever growing variety of playing styles.

Do you play a 6 or 12 string acoustic guitar, and what kind of music do you play? What string brand/manufacturers do you prefer on your axe? Let us know, as Strings By Mail wants to ensure we carry the all of the string choices you want and need! How do the different string gauges affect the sound of your acoustic guitar and your playing style?

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