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Guitar Supports For Posture and Skill – Strings By Mail

Guitar Supports For Posture and Skill A healthy posture pays musical and physical dividends, so you can upgrade your playing experience by use of a guitar support. Initially, most players come to use of a guitar support to remediate back, neck, or shoulder discomfort or even pain. But more recently, players are realizing the advantage […]

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Some insights on the history and use of metronome

Some insights on the history and use of metronome, including a discussion of modern options.     Irene Gomez ( edits J Wunsch) Recently, while reading the book  “L’écriture du geste”,  a conversation between pianist Cécile Gilly with French composer Pierre Boulez, I came across the subject of  Tempo. In this book, Boulez explained how […]

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ToneRite Play-In Accelerator – Strings By Mail

ToneRite Play-In Accelerator Acoustic stringed instruments, traditionally made from a variety of wood, go through an aging process that can have a dramatic effect on the sound of the instrument over time. In addition to this natural aging process, acoustic stringed instruments are also physically and sonically affected from the amount that they are played […]

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