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Strings By Mail Sponsored Artist Series – Alex De Grassi

As part of our Strings By Mail Sponsored Artist Blog Series, we will be presenting each of our sponsored artists in a casual Q & A format. They discuss the instruments they use, the types of strings they use & why, and any accessories that help with their playing. They also provide any valued advice […]

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Acoustic Guitar Strings – Manufacturing – Strings By Mail

Different Types of Acoustic Guitar Strings and Manufacturing Techniques Many different techniques and processes are applied when manufacturing acoustic guitar strings. These manufacturing processes help to differentiate and optimize acoustic guitar strings for their intended instruments, various users, and musical playing styles. Round Core and Hex Core Strings Traditionally, the core wire of acoustic guitar […]

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Acoustic Guitar String Gauges – Strings By Mail

There are many factors that can make acoustic guitar strings differ from each other in looks, playability, and sound. Perhaps one of the biggest differences between acoustic string choices is the gauge of the strings, also known as the string’s thickness or tension.When choosing acoustic guitar strings, the string gauges are usually listed on the […]

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