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Enhance Your Guitars Personality


GHS Acoustic Guitar Strings


There is one line of strings that can give your acoustic guitar the most diverse range of colors and responses possible. And make no mistake, there can be great rewards reaped when your instrument gives more to you and your audience. You may know what you are looking for, maybe it is a more brilliant sound, or maybe it is a more unique and bell like quality. Or maybe you do not know what it is, but you feel something could be missing in your playing experience.

Whatever the case, GHS has pioneered production techniques that can be explored for a solution. Some are techniques that other manufacturers are not using, and they bring some great alternatives to players and their favorite instruments – for use on the path to a more fulfilled playing experience. From the bright presence and rapid response of Contact Core Bright Bronze, to the warm sound and pliable feel of Silk and Bronze, GHS has staked out the territory for diverse sonic and tactile string experiences.

The sustain, color, and feel of any string is impacted by a wide range or manufacturing features, but the hardness of the material is a critical underpinning. If that is combined with a different manufacturing technique, a different string can completely change one or more features of an instrument – and thereby a player.

A perfect example is the GHS Signature Series, developed in conjunction with world renown finger style artist Laurence Juber. These strings are the only ones that combine true surgically quality cryogenic tempering with an unusual approach to introducing a softer metal to treble strings. This series not only has phosphor bronze coated cores, but have phosphor bronze coated treble strings bringing a unique bell like quality to the sound they produce.

Check out the entire line here and you will find more unique options.

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