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When it comes to changing your guitar strings, it doesn’t have to be a difficult or time intensive project. You just need to be prepared and have the right tools for the right job.

Changing Guitar Strings – Preparation

The proper setup for your work space is key, and having the right location can make a world of difference. Be sure you have enough clutter free horizontal space, such as a table or workbench, and it also helps to have a soft cover or padding to avoid damage to your guitar or your work surface. If you change guitar strings often, or have multiple instruments that demand your attention, a guitar headstock support is a very worthy investment. The Bridge Bib is favored by many musicians, as it adds another level of protection to the face of your stringed investment during string changes, and guitar set up work.

Some important tools to have are a quality guitar tuner or tuning fork to reference the proper pitch. Some popular tuner varieties are chromatic tuners and strobe tuners (for their precision accuracy). Wire cutters and a string winding device with a peg puller are very handy items to have as well.

Guitar String Winders

String winders help make the guitar string changing process faster and easier. Electric winders, such as the Ernie Ball PowerPeg, are the fastest and most effortless option. Handmade wood winders are just as functional and add a touch of beauty. A wide variety of manufactured peg winders are also available. The Planet Waves Pro-Winder combines a wire cutter and a quality string winder in one handy device.

Guitar Tuners and Metronomes

The clip on tuners available today are very handy devices, as you can easily clip them on or near your instrument, and angle it so you can tune everything up without needing to touch or adjust the tuner during the tuning process. Clip on tuners are also great to have during live performances, as you can just leave them attached to your headstock, and tune up without having to turn up your volume. Many clip on tuners are also back lit or have LED indicators so that you can tune in low light situations on the fly. Tuner and metronome combos are also a great two in one investment, as a metronome is also a great practicing tool to help you lock in your timing.

The first step in changing the strings, is to remove all of the old strings. If you are not planning on saving any of your worn out strings as backups, it is easiest to slowly remove all of the tension from all of the strings, and cut them off with wire cutters.

Cleaning and Polishing Your Stringed Instrument

While you have all of your strings removed, it is also a great time to clean and polish your guitar – especially the areas you cannot normally reach when the strings are on. There are many instrument body and fret cleaners and polishes available, as well as specialized microfiber and napped cotton cleaning cloths available. The CruzTools GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit is a handy multi tool pack that contains the needed wire cutters, as well as a multitude of other essential tools often needed for instrument maintenance.

After your strings are removed and you have cleaned and polished up your guitar, it is time for new strings. Whatever your instrument or style, will have the instrument strings that you need.

How To Change Guitar Strings

Here are a couple of very informative video lessons on how to change acoustic guitar strings, and how to change classical guitar strings. The correct preparation and the right tools can help make your guitar string changes something to look forward to, rather than avoid.

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